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“Quick Builds” Gaining Momentum

“By rethinking streets, localities can deliver better economic performance, new transportation choices, and a higher quality of life,” say Quick Builds supporters. Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, and groups such as PeopleForBikes, are [...]

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The Move to “Best Value Delivery”

The Best Value Delivery Pilot Program presents a unique opportunity for SCCA members to work with policymakers and participating counties. In 2016, California amended the Public Contract Code, Section 20155.1 to allow the use of [...]

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2019 Membership Appreciation Mixer

SCCA’s chance to say “Thank you” for all you do. September 11, SCCA held its third annual Membership Appreciation Mixer to thank our members for all they do to support the association and the industry. [...]

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The 2019 Scholarship Award Winners

Investing in our youth for the future of the industry. August 14, SCCA met for the 2019 Scholarship Awards Dinner held at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Thirteen scholarships were awarded. The scholarships are made [...]

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