This unusual concept has been developed and is being manufactured by Concrete Canvas located in Wales, U.K. In 2004, college students William Crawford and Peter Brewin entered the British Cement Association’s competition for new uses for concrete. Brewin and Crawford won with their Concrete Canvas and subsequently started their company of the same name.

The dry concrete mix is exactly the right density, which gives the user the correct water to cement ratio for optimum strength. It also has an impermeable PVC coating on the back that makes it waterproof. The product is rolled out like a carpet, secured in place, and then sprayed with water, which causes it to harden.

Concrete Canvas, branded Concrete Cloth in the United States, comes in thicknesses of 13, eight and five millimeters. Brewin and Crawford are developing new technologies with plans to launch a wider range of products in the near future.

Currently, Concrete Canvas is used primarily for civil infrastructure, as well as in the mining and petrochemical industries. The product is distributed in 40 countries, including recent expansions into Australia and New Zealand. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.K.

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