Construction workers can deal with varying and consistent levels of stressors on the job, which can impact their over all well being. Depending on the severity of the symptoms the stress causes, this can lead to accidents, improper interactions with workers, higher suicide rates, or long term health conditions.

Below are a few examples of resources that provide proactive methods for preventing stress triggers for yourself or your employees. Because physical symptoms of stress can manifest as headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disruptions, or reduced reaction times, the symptoms of high stress may go overlooked. Did you know that construction as an industry has some of the highest on-the-job fatality rates in the United States? This makes the preventative measures all the more important. Read the full article or visit our safety resources page for more!

Jobsite Stress Management Tools:

  • Ensure job roles and tasks are clear
  • Provide realistic deadlines
  • Keep overtime to a minimum
  • Avoid overloading employees
  • Encourage employees to rest and recharge
  • Give employees more control over certain aspects of their jobs
  • Recognize and award employee performance
  • Treat employees with respect
  • Mitigate exposure to noise, dust, and toxic substances

*If you or someone you know may be experiencing thoughts of suicide, please dial 988 for 24/7 support*

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