It’s not often a football playoff season and an order for steel plates converge. However, that’s exactly what happened during the 2019 NFL playoffs, when Trench Shoring received a call from Calex Engineering. Calex was involved in the remodeling/construction project at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The Los Angeles Rams were scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys at the LA Coliseum on January 12, 2019. Since the aging structure would be undergoing renovations directly after the game, Calex Engineering requested multiple truckloads of Trench Shoring’s Trench Top Steel Trench Plates to protect the surface of the Coliseum floor during the renovation. Calex ordered:

  • five 4’ x 6’ Trench Top steel plates (984 pounds)
  • six 6’ x 8’ Trench Top steel trench plates (1,968 pounds)
  • five 8’ x 12’ Trench Top steel trench plates (3,936 pounds)
  • six 8’ x 15’ Trench Top steel trench plates (4,920 pounds)
  • ten 8’ x 20’ Trench Top steel trench plates (6,650 pounds)
  • Trench Shoring’s TRACKCLEAN used to clean the tires of the trucks driving in and out of the jobsite.

“We had unique challenges with the LA Coliseum project involving specific start dates with tight schedules around the playoffs,” says Evan Steen, Calex dispatcher. “Time was our biggest challenge.”

Delivery of the steel plates depended on whether the Rams won against the Cowboys and whether their next potential rival, the New Orleans Saints, won their game. If the Rams lost against the Cowboys, the steel plates were to be delivered early on Monday, January 14.

If the Rams won and the Saints lost, the Rams would have to play another game at the Coliseum the following weekend, which meant delaying delivery of the plates until early on Monday, January 21. So, steel plates had to be on the Trench Shoring trucks by 5 a.m. January 14, even if they wouldn’t be delivered until a week later. As it turned out, the Rams and Saints won so the playoff took place in New Orleans and the steel plates could be delivered January 14.

“Our experience with Trench Shoring has been awesome,” says Steen. “They always take our calls and we’ve never had problems with late deliveries or pickups. There have been no complications whatsoever.”

“We covered the LA Coliseum field with cloth and base and used the plates to protect the infrastructure of the stadium from heavy trucks and cranes,” says Greg Peters, Calex jobsite field supervisor. “We protected manholes and vaults.

“We did the same thing last year, using Trench Shoring equipment. This is the second year of this project, involving the same tight timelines. We can’t afford to lose time as there are millions of dollars per game in fines if we don’t finish on time. For that reason, we always turn to Trench Shoring.”

Trench Shoring’s extensive inventory of steel trench plates, combined with their professional, experienced team of installers and the responsiveness of their entire team, meant that they could be flexible, and deliver on time, even with a rapidly changing schedule.

Trench Shoring has one of the largest inventories of Trench Top steel trench plates on the West Coast. Their inventory includes trench plates with non-skid surfaces, which conform to updated city regulations and increase jobsite safety. Delivery and pick-up by Trench Shoring’s trucks makes the use of Trench Tops convenient and economical while the job proceeds efficiently.

For 46 years, clients have relied on Trench Shoring to provide extensive inventory, around-the-clock support and personalized customer service. The company provides the construction industry with the largest inventories of highest quality equipment and customized support from their 10 convenient locations servicing the Central Coast, Southern California and Las Vegas.

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