Crime prevention, CPP and you.

Crime is out there. We take steps to minimize the risk of it happening to us, but eventually, it will rear its ugly head. We tend to become acutely aware of the holes in our inventory and prevention procedures after the incident has occurred. Suddenly the hyper-awareness of PIN numbers, company markings and inventory controls – or lack thereof – stares us in the face, taunting us with our inability to protect ourselves.

There’s no need to live in a constant state of panic or worry – crime prevention doesn’t always translate to spending a ton of money or an obscene amount of time. In fact, sometimes, your biggest ally when it comes to protecting your company from theft is being in a community with similar interests – a community like CPP.

The Crime Prevention Program of Southern California (CPP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1984, that works to raise awareness of and fight all forms of construction crime. This includes not just the theft of heavy equipment, but also fraud, rental theft, metal theft, vehicle theft and “cargo” theft – the theft of tools and equipment from storage containers. Since 1984 CPP has assisted in the recovery of more than $46 million in heavy equipment and we continue to work diligently to serve our members while also acting as a resource for law enforcement

CPP shares prevention ideas and access to a 24/7 reward hotline with members, and acts as a liaison with law enforcement, ensuring any loss a member experiences gets the attention it deserves. CPP members get information on how to efficiently and effectively report a loss so the reporting process goes smoothly for the victim and reporting officer, significantly increasing the chances of a recovery.

We work with our contacts to verify information has been entered into the stolen system correctly, share the information with our extensive list of members and law enforcement, and work directly with the task forces and investigators that deal directly with construction theft. CPP alerts members of the latest scams circulating in our region and fraudulent activity, and sends security reminders to keep loss prevention on track.

CPP provides a direct link to the most effective contacts and resources to help our members prevent theft, report theft and work towards recovering stolen equipment. CPP’s community includes not just construction companies, but companies and individuals with insurance, automotive dealers and after-market truck accessory shops, rental firms (large and small), security and more. CPP is here to help. We’d love for you to consider joining our community fighting construction crime. Because “Together, we can make a difference.

For more on becoming a part of the CPP community, contact Melissa Somers at (562) 860-9006 or

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