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Providing Knowledge & Resources to Reach Your Goals

C-TEC’s role provides funding for industry speakers, relationship building with industry representatives, and grants for employee training. This program is funded by Industry Funds and managed through the SCCA Construction University.

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  • Training

    Training for company employees happens on almost an annual basis, and we are aware this could be a costly expense to your company. C-TEC will help facilitate industry training & education to our members with partial grants and reimbursement, as well with monthly classes taught by industry professionals.

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  • Education

    Education is key as the rules, regulations, and guidelines within our industry are constantly changing. C-TEC is here to provide funding for industry speakers and seminars for the SCCA membership.

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  • Collaboration

    The SCCA is proactively pushing to build and/or maintain healthy relationships with various industry organizations, Union Trades, Agencies, or state Policymakers. We actively organize meetings with key groups and/or individuals to collaborate on important industry topics and issues.

    C-TEC helps fund research for pre-apprenticeships, various breakfast meetings with Union Trades and is currently looking to host other various events involving industry organizations and our members.

How We Help: Training

Training Grants

Construction University’s Financial Assistance Reimbursement, or CUFA, will help facilitate industry training & education resources to our members.

To apply for training grants, you can complete our online application or print and mail/email an application, along with receipts/invoices for employee training within your company. Our Construction University committee will review each application for grant consideration. SCCA members can apply on an annual basis.


  • Applicant or participant must be a current SCCA contractor member or affiliate member.
  • Members who paid their dues are eligible for at least 25% of your dues every year.
  • Members who were not granted funds in the previous year are eligible for 50% of their current year’s dues.
  • Applicant or participant must be current on their membership dues.
  • Applicant or participant must demonstrate that grant award will support the educational and training goals of the company.

Additional funds are available; the Committee has the discretion to round up eligibility to pay invoices in full.

Please contact us for assistance with the funding application.

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In-House Training

Construction University offers a wide range of training opportunities held on a monthly basis to educate and train our member’s and their employees at no charge to become certified in different aspects within the industry. Our professional instructors, who have extensive years of training and knowledge come to our office and certify all trainees at the end of each session. Keep in mind space will be limited.

Classes include:

  • First Aid/CPR
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Fall Protection
  • OSHA 10 & 30
  • Competent Persons
  • Scissor Lift & Aerial Boom
  • Administration/Legal
  • Management
  • and much more…
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Leadership Development Program

C-TEC is offering a full Leadership Development Program targeted to the leaders or up and coming leaders within your company. It will teach how to sole the top 4 challenges facing construction professionals today:

  • Sourcing Skilled Workers
  • Consistent and Reliable Communication
  • Employee Retention
  • Team Cohesion and Collaboration

The program consists of four hours of workshops a month for 12 consecutive months, with built-in accountability and follow-through. These interactive, live-facilitated workshops are available in-person or virtually to fit your learning preferences and schedule. Workshops take place monthly at SCCA HQ and there are other in-person locations available. We also offer flexible virtual workshop choices to allow for the busiest of schedules.

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How We Help: Education

Career-based Learning

Continuing your education and knowledge will always add value to your company. C-TEC is here to connect you with industry professionals so your team, your company, and you can feel secure and prepared to grow.

Some examples of what C-TEC provides to our members:

  • Economist speakers
  • Safety Education
  • Safety Speakers
  • Free tickets to SCCA educational events
  • Professional Development
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Legal Insight