When this notice from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) crossed my desk last month, it caught my eye and seemed like something SCCA should get behind.

All our contractors are licensed, and in fact, many of us have multiple licenses to cover specialty trades, as well as our general practice.

Helping CSLB is a part of our DNA as an organization, dating back to our founding in 1974 when we hired Al Atwood, a former CSLB veteran and leader for 15 years. Even in retirement, he continued to assist us with CSLB issues, including keeping track of our renewal dates, something that has become even more important since the changes in the licensing laws that say clients don’t have to pay contractors for unlicensed work.

CSLB is reaching out to all licensed contractors to help them find locations to perform undercover operations to catch the people who give our industry a bad name – not only for their poor quality work but also for their failure to operate within the law, all of which places our potential customers at risk.

Licensed contractors have long been one of CSLB’s main sources of properties, whether occupied or unoccupied, for the one and two-day sting operations. The agency hopes that more
licensees will back CSLB’s commitment to leveling the playing field for licensed contractors that follow the rules by helping identify and secure “sting” properties.

There’s a need to find sting properties in areas affected by disastrous wildfires, as well as properties in Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Ideal properties include single-family homes, small commercial buildings, especially in strip malls, and industrial buildings.

Undercover stings are the best way for CSLB to catch individuals in the act of attempting to contract without a license. To continue these efforts to curb the underground economy, CSLB
needs access to more residential and commercial properties to use as sting sites.

The stings are conducted by CSLB’s Statewide Investigative Fraud Teams (SWIFT) with the assistance of state or local law enforcement agencies. To learn more about these operations
or offer a property for a future sting, please contact the SWIFT office for Southern California at (562) 345-7600 or by email at SWIFTSouth@cslb.ca.gov.

Passing the Baton

It been an honor to serve SCCA as President this year. I want to thank all of the past presidents, officers, board members and committee members who provided their unique insights and invaluable advice throughout the year. And thank you, too, to the SCCA staff for all of their support and help. It’s been a pleasure.

By SCCA President, Stanley Howard, Howard Contracting

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