Orange, CA — (June 25, 2019) – Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows strong growth continues in the construction industry, adding 33,000 new jobs in April 2019 alone. To better inform Southern California’s construction professionals, the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA) announces the launch of a redesigned website.

The SCCA serves as a conduit to stakeholders providing information about the impacts of agency actions, decisions or proposed legislation in the general construction industry and particularly among union contractors.

As part of the Association’s mission of “providing labor relations, legislative advocacy, and membership services through union contractors and affiliates,” the website will provide more resources, options, and insight for members. This includes event announcements, educational programs, informative blogs and industry insights. “Additionally, affiliate members such as non-contractor companies, now also benefit from having access to activities and information on the website” – Executive Director, Wes May.

Vice President Denise Cooper says the newly-designed website will enhance the users experience and increase the outreach of the Association, stating that it, “allows SCCA to share stakeholder information with its members more effectively than we have been able to do in the past.”

SCCA membership provides benefits that include shared information such as electronic messages, newsletters and printed magazines; informational and educational seminars; interactions between individuals at association meetings, and relationships formed or developed from participation in association committees and membership meetings. Input from individuals provides important feedback and helps guide advocacy efforts that are undertaken on behalf of its members.

“Members have active labor relations representation with SCCA and the website can be leveraged as an additional resource and asset for them. We are contractors for contractors, your association of choice” notes Executive Director, Wes May.

About Southern California Contractors Association

In November 1974, representatives from the Engineering and Grading Contractors Association (EGCA), a state-wide association for excavating and grading contractors started in 1950, seceded and formed what is now Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA).

SCCA is volunteer-led and governed by members consisting of union-affiliated contractor businesses and affiliate construction industry service providers. The Association was established to maintain high professional standards among construction contractors by encouraging sound business methods, efficiency, and cooperation between contractors.

Christine Guerrero

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