With the defeat on November 6 of Proposition 6, billions of dollars in transportation funding was saved. SCCA and its members played a major part in preserving those dollars – from the nearly $1 million in contributions to help underwrite the “No on 6” campaign, to the bumper stickers and emails.

And you should be proud because SCCA showed true leadership in helping defeat an attack on our industry and on the future of California. Because of your commitment to defeating Prop 6, billions of dollars will continue to be used to build and repair our infrastructure for years to come, keeping our roads and bridges safer and our industry healthy.

It’s an honor and a pleasure

As I begin my year as President of SCCA, I am honored to be the fourth SCCA President whose father also served in that capacity.

Past father and son presidents were Charlie Poss, now deceased, who served in 1977 and his son Chuck Poss, who was president in 2001. George Cooke was SCCA President in 1988. He was followed 11 years later by his son Brad Cooke (1999). And Les Farrow, now deceased, assumed the role of SCCA President in 1993 with his son Curtis Farrow taking the reins in 2011. My father Stan Howard was president in 1994.

I’m very much looking forward to working with the officers who will be serving SCCA in the coming year: Denise Cooper is the new Vice President, Steve Ward has joined the team as Secretary/Treasurer and, of course, our Immediate Past President, Mike Rodriguez, will continue to contribute his insights and experience.

The other officers join me in asking you to let us know what’s on your mind, tell us what SCCA is doing right and what it could do better. And we hope you’ll make it a point to be an active SCCA member in the coming year, supporting SCCA events with your sponsorship and attendance, participating in committees, and helping to make SCCA the best association it can be.

Let’s make it a Happy and Profitable 2019!

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