Membership Opportunities Open To Construction Professionals

Membership Opportunities Open To Construction Professionals

Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA) opens and encourages membership to professionals, offering many benefits to those who join this long-established and relevant organization.

What started in 1950 as The Engineering and Grading Contractors Association (EGCA), a state-wide association for excavating and grading contractors, transformed in November 1974, when representatives from the Association seceded and formed what is now SCCA.

Since then, SCCA has established itself as a volunteered-led and member-governed Association of union-affiliated contractor businesses and affiliate construction industry service providers. Established to maintain high professional standards among construction contractors by encouraging sound business methods, efficiency, and cooperation between contractors, raising the industry standard, it continues to be a strong Membership network amidst the highly competitive Southern California construction marketplace.

Benefits to being a member

SCCA benefits Southern California’s construction professionals by providing labor relations, legislative advocacy, and membership services for Union Contractors and Affiliated construction industry service providers.

This includes:

  • Labor relations: SCCA is the leader in labor relations with the most experienced team in Southern California.
  • Legislative advocacy: SCCA represents members in grievance and arbitration procedures, rights not available to short-form contractors. Assistance with contract interpretation is vital and provides a solid resource for many of our members.
  • Committees: SCCA represents member interests in every area of business. We regularly appear before local, state and federal agencies, boards commissions regulators, trusts and unions on behalf of our members, saving them millions of dollars.
  • Member resources: Includes wage rates, labor bulletins, labor agreements, union holidays, the Trust and Union directory and more.
  • Events: SCCA strives to put on high dynamic membership meetings with expert presentations regularly. The goal is to bring members together and offer positive and productive networking opportunities with owners, vendors, and implementers in the industry, allowing you to build business relationships and leverage your membership investment.

Join Today

Membership is open to union-affiliated contractors and others who are allied to the industry and are signatory to one of the six trade unions. SCCA has major labor agreements with Operating Engineers, Laborers, Cement Masons, Carpenters, Iron Workers, and the Teamsters. Affiliate membership is offered to companies who are connected to the industry as product and equipment vendors or service providers.

If you are interested in joining SCCA as a Signatory Contractor or ADR member, please print the membership application and email to or fax to 657-223-0801.

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