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The Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA) is reputed to have its origins dating back to 1949, with some attributing its emergence to the visionary efforts of two individuals in the earthmoving industry dedicated to fostering positive change for workers. Alternatively, the official inception of SCCA is believed to have taken place during a pivotal meeting in Monterey Park on January 9, 1974. With the active participation of 37 contractors, this assembly served as a dynamic platform for translating innovative ideas into reality.

Initially conceived as an extension of the Engineering and Grading Contractors Association (EGCA), specifically as the Los Angeles chapter, discontentment among members grew due to EGCA’s relocation to Northern California. This shift raised concerns about potential Southern California underrepresentation and the recent restructuring of policies. This dissatisfaction prompted a significant paradigm shift, leading to discussions about breaking away from the northern influence and advocating for robust representation of Southern California contractors in legislative matters in Sacramento. The vision was to establish a stronger, independent association.

The subsequent January 9th meeting promptly reconvened, marking the official establishment of SCCA. As a member-led organization, its primary goal was to cater to the needs of construction workers by offering cost-effective options for local contractors, steadfast labor support, and a platform to voice concerns in legislative matters in Sacramento. The SCCA’s overarching mission centered on empowering its members and prioritizing their prosperity in the dynamic construction landscape, ensuring continuous support in the ever-evolving industry. Above all, the objective was to create a stronghold for Southern California Contractors, providing them with a voice and stability within the region.

An installation dinner would be held on January 12, 1974, which featured the installment of the officers for SCCA. This would include the installation of the charter president, Ruben Aman, and the Board of Directors, with over 250 people in attendance. The inaugural president resigned shortly after, leading Vice President Ed Kalish to assume the role—a position he is still recognized for founding to this day. Albert H. Atwood, formerly the manager of the EGCA Los Angeles Chapter, played a key role in incorporating SCCA and was urged to locate and establish a location for the association to flourish. Albert H. Atwood not only provided the first physical location for the association but also handled logistics and legalities to get SCCA started. A formal separation from EGCA would become effective on January 31, 1974, as contractors transitioned from Engineering and Grading Contractors Association (EGCA) to join Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA). The SCCA was officially formed on February 6, 1974, settling in Los Angeles, California.

SCCA quickly grew, with over 200 members on the roster. However, the journey was not without obstacles. Some contractors attempted to join without proper licensing, and issues arose regarding succession. Many original members remain with SCCA today but have since changed names or ownership. Despite these obstacles, the founders recognized the value they were offering to their membership and aimed to establish firm values and goals to reach a broad audience in the construction industry. They focused on enhancing member experiences through diverse activities, including auctions, getaways, tailored meetings, and galas. These events served as networking opportunities, fostering professional growth. SCCA is well-known for contributing unique expertise and educational resources, solidifying its role in the competitive construction landscape and promoting a promising future for those involved.

Today, February 6th, SCCA celebrates its 50th anniversary, marking five decades of excellence. Throughout this remarkable journey, the association has continuously adapted to the evolving demands of the construction landscape, maintaining its essential role amidst strong competition and advocating for the rights of those in the industry. SCCA holds a strong presence in Sacramento, offering unparalleled labor services and actively participating in events to build influential relationships within its membership network. SCCA takes pride in delivering essential support to its members during critical junctures, inspiring them to persist in the collaborative effort of building Southern California together.


Did you know you can apply for the Albert H. Atwood award through our Safety Committee? Check out our Safety Awards page for how to apply.


Deadline for applications is this Friday, February 9th!

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