LA Memorial Coliseum Renovation Project

The historic renovation and extensive new addition to the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum, originally completed includes a new 240,000-square-foot seven-story building within the existing south bowl seating area.

The new building will house a basement, 20 luxury suites, 24 lodge boxes, 1,110 premium club seats, two club level party decks, restaurants, catering kitchens, new press facilities, a rooftop party deck and room for 80,000 seats.

The high-profile project was divided into phases to avoid any interruptions to the 2018 and 2019 football seasons of the University of Southern California Trojans and Los Angeles Rams. The first phase was successfully completed in time for the 2018 football season with nearly 200,000 man-hours of labor and generating hundreds of jobs in the construction industry.

Phase 1 included demolition, excavation, shoring, concrete placement, structural steel for the seven-story building and replacement of the south lower bowl on-grade seating area.

Conco Companies placed more than 18,000 cubic yards in phase 1, including: ƒ

  • 2,150 cubic yards for a three-foot-thick mat foundation using 4,000-psi concrete with 25 percent fly-ash ƒ
  • 1,250 cubic yards of formed slabs using 6,000-psi concrete ƒ
  • 1,600 cubic yards of slab on metal deck using 4,000 and 6,000-psi concrete ƒ
  • 1,550 cubic yards of shotcrete walls with 6,000-psi concrete with a waterproofing admixture ƒ
  • More than 1,800 cubic yards of on-grade seating utilizing 4,000-psi concrete.

“The on-grade seating was a unique challenge and included radiused, sloped seating, a tight construction schedule, and special concrete admixtures,” says Doug Marquis, general manager, Conco Pumping. “The forming and placing required a lot of experience and expertise.”

Conco formed 15,500 contact square feet of stadium seat risers and placed and finished 36,500 square feet of stadium seat treads and 250 intermediate aisles steps. Conco 56- and 58-meter boom pumps pumped more than 1,800 cubic yards.

“The concrete mix design contained corrosion inhibitor admixtures to mitigate concrete corrosion for more than 50 years,” says Marquis.“ During placement, the corrosion inhibitor acted as an accelerator, which increased concrete temperature, reduced moisture content and tested our finishing crew’s skills.

“We are currently in Phase 2, which will be the completion for all construction activities for the seven-story building and must be finalized before the 2019 football season starts,” says Marquis. In addition, demolition and replacement of the north upper and lower bowl on-grade concrete stadium seating has begun, which will replace 20,000 seats on more than 60,000 square feet and require more than 2,000 cubic yards of concrete.

The Coliseum will host its 3rd Olympic Games in 2028.

“Conco Companies have been delivering premium concrete services throughout the Western U.S. since 1959,” says Marquis. “As a leader in the industry, we continue to grow our operations and upgrade and expand facilities and equipment, as well as our geographic footprint, to better serve customers.

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