Primary duties of the BSM include, but are not limited to, performing payroll, tracking expense and income, managing accounts payable, preparing various financial reports, assisting in preparing and overseeing various SCCA budgets, and oversight of bookkeeping and accounts receivable functions. The BSM will maintain SCCA’s formal human resources files.

Additionally, the BSM assists SCCA’s contracted Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and SCCA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) Accountant in preparing quarterly and annual financial reports. The BSM also manages SCCA’s other business and administrative functions, including, but not limited to, contract relationships for employee benefits, information technology services, investments, insurance, legal, and web services. Duties also include collaboration with staff colleagues and interacting with volunteer leaders supporting assigned committee operations. The BSM will have supervisory responsibility for the part-time Accounting Assistant and potentially other assigned temporary, part-time, or full-time office administrative staff.

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