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The Construction University Committee oversees SCCA’s Construction University Program. This program, which is funded by the Construction Industry Advancement Funds (CIAF) and the Fund for Construction Industry Advancement (FCIA), assists in funding contractor members’ company-sponsored educational and training programs and classes for all levels and classifications of their employees. The committee encourages contractor members to apply for financial assistance to ensure these important trainings are available to as many industry professionals as possible.

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Construction University Committee Members

Robin Hartnett
California Earth Transport
Craig Fish
Marina Landscape, Inc.
Jeremy Clark
Jon Gauthier
Salsbury Engineering, Inc.
John Gasparo
Security Paving Company, Inc.
Elizabeth Hartnett
California Earth Transport
Stanley Howard
Howard Contracting, Inc.
Kurt Kroner
Kroner Environmental Services, Inc.
Erwin Mendoza
High-Light Electric
Gerald Mouzis, Esq.
The Mouzis Law Firm
Larry Pim
Riverside Construction Company, Inc.
Chuck Poss
Earth Construction & Mining
Kevin Ross
CW Allied
Steve Ward
Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.
Jonathan Seitz
Kyle Stansbury
Shy Suttles
Suttles Plumbing

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Contact the SCCA office at 657-223-0800 or

More information about the SCCA C-TEC Program, including its purpose, eligibility, funding considerations, and application is available here

Funding is limited so apply today.