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The Subcommittee on Local Government Affairs (SOLGA) and Local Government Advocacy group schedule liaison meetings with public work agencies throughout Southern California. Regularly scheduled meetings are held with the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the Orange County Transportation Agency, Los Angeles Metro, and others. These meetings provide a forum for members to be informed of upcoming projects as well as a venue to resolve issues and concerns.

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Subcommittee on Local Government Affairs

Steve Ward
Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.
Larry Nodland
Nobest, Inc.
Joel Alberto
Shank & Associates Insurance Serv.
Todd Bloomstine
Bloomstine & Bloomstine
Lonnie Clausen
Denise Cooper
Cooper Engineering, Inc.
Mike Crawford
Sukut Construction, LLC
Kurt Kroner
Kroner Environmental Services, Inc.
Steve Knight
Knight Consulting
Mike Lewis
Lewis Associates, LLC
Scott MacIntosh
Salsbury Engineering, Inc.
Matt Pim
Riverside Construction Company, Inc.
Maizer Ouidani
Chuck Poss
Earth Construction & Mining
Tim Saenz
RMA Companies
Greg Salsbury
Salsbury Engineering, Inc.
Suzanne Scheideker Cook
Strategic Ventures
Paul Von Berg
Past President
Mike Vassilakis
USI Insurance
Jim O'Kane
Precision Cold Planing, Inc.
Mike Lewis
Lewis Associates, LLC
Roberto Mora
Western Paving Contractors, Inc.

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