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The Pipeline and Underground Committee (P.U.G.) safeguards, educates, and equips construction workers engaged in excavation activities. With a dedicated emphasis on Dig Alerts, the committee delves into comprehensive coverage of damage prevention, local resources, and safe digging practices in California. In close collaboration with the Underground Safety Board, the State and Local Legislative Committee, and the Subcommittee on Local Government Affairs, the committee actively engages with government regulations affecting field professionals. These strategic meetings serve as a vital platform to inform members, ensuring they are well-prepared for success in the upcoming year.

Pipeline and Underground Committee Members

Anthony Simioli
Badger Daylighting
Anthony Aguilar
W. A. Rasic Construction
Raphael Barreira
Unitis Contractor Supplies
Joshua Balkcom
ARB, Inc.
Todd Bloomstine
Bloomstine & Bloomstine
Travis Clausen
Sully-Miller Contracting Company
Tod Decker
Blois Construction
Darryl Doran
Minicam Inc.
Thomas Folks
Orion Risk Management
Herbert Fry
Dirt Prep Solutions
Jim Gasparo
Cooley Equipment
Abel Gattan
DirtPrep Solutions
Mike Geosano
T.J. Hockenberry
OC Winwater
Caleb Holler
Nor-Cal Pipeline
Kurt Kroner
Kroner Environmental Services, Inc.
Jason Lambrich
DirtPrep Solutions
Eddie Lemus
High-Light Electric, Inc.
Ethan Luu
Sully-Miller Contracting Co.
Erwin Mendoza
High Light Electric
Chad Ouellette
Sully-Miller Contracting Company
Dan Peterson
Dan J. Peterson Company
Abner Poitan
Monzon & Son Enterprises, Inc.
David Reed
Sully-Miller Contracting Company
Kevin Ross
Creation Safety
Richard Sepulveda
Veteran Pipeline Construction
Brandon Sjulin
Zefiro Corporation
Johnny Stanard
Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.
Jamin Valdez
Woodruff Sawyer

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