How we’re working for you.

The Membership Committee identifies opportunities to increase SCCA membership while also strengthening the Association’s current member relations. Networking and relationship-building events hosted by the committee provide members with opportunities for mentorship and encouragement.

Member-led, member-governed.

Get a seat at the table and make your voice heard.


Membership Committee Members

J.D. Nanci
EBS General Engineering, Inc.
Chris Zehnder
Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers
Scott Cleland
Wells Fargo Equipment Finance
Denise Cooper
Cooper Engineering, Inc.
Kyle Maguire
American Business Bank
Erwin Mendoza
High-light Electric, Inc.
Chuck Poss
Earth Construction & Mining
Suzanne Scheideker Cook
Strategic Ventures
Diana Reyes Williams
Strategic Ventures
Joseph Silla
WestPac Wealth Partners
Amanda Voivedich
The Mouzis Law Firm

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