Nonprofit, nonpartisan, member-driven advocacy for small business owners since 1943.

Since its founding more than 80 years ago, the NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to advocating for small and independent businesses nationwide. The group implements a “one member, one vote” balloting process to advocate on today’s most pressing small business issues like taxes, health care, and regulations.

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How NFIB is working for SCCA members

  • The NFIB, guided by its members, champions the interests of small and independent business owners across America. Unique among business groups, its policy stances are shaped directly by its members, rather than by its executive team or Board of Directors. The organization lobbies for policies related to taxation, labor laws, healthcare, business competitiveness, and regulatory changes.

  • The political arm of NFIB diligently oversees and participates in nationwide campaigns, aiming to support the election of candidates who will strongly represent its members’ interests. NFIB offers various resources to its members, including voter assistance tools like registration links and details about candidates, guides for political action, and support for small business owners who wish to enter the political arena.

  • The NFIB Research Center publishes its Small Business Economic Trends (SBET) report to provide insights into the current challenges and conditions facing small business owners. Additionally, NFIB carries out comprehensive research on employment statistics both in California and across the United States, compiles quarterly industry reports, and regularly surveys business owners on contemporary issues affecting them.

  • The NFIB is active in helping to educate small business owners by creating and sharing webinars and other topical content about hiring, wages, employee classification, and more. Members also get access to an extensive library of educational content on marketing best practices, tax filings, credit, legal matters and much more to give small businesses the competitive edge in today’s economy.

Member-led, member-governed.

Get a seat at the table and make your voice heard.