Advocates for reducing the impact of water quality regulations that harm their members.

The Construction Industry Coalition on Water Quality was created in 2001 to protect the construction industry from the potentially devastating impact of lost revenues and reduced wages that may be caused by the rapidly evolving set of water quality regulations. SCCA is a proud founding member CICWQ.

How CICWQ is working for SCCA members

  • Provides advocacy, education, and research on important water quality issues on behalf of the construction industry.

  • Champions funding, planning, design, and construction of multi-benefit, regional urban stormwater collection and retention systems that meet MS4 permit requirements for water pollution control and reduction.

  • Seeks partnerships and opportunities for cooperative problem solving that benefit CICWQ members, its partners, and the public.

  • Collaborates with public works agencies throughout southern California to create funding sources for cooperative project agreements.

  • Performs specific research and information-data gathering and analysis assignments.

  • Serves on boards of several community-based organizations and environmental not-for-profit organizations.


Big wins for CICWQ

  • With major funding from the Construction Industry Advancement Fund and the Fund for Construction Industry Advancement, CICWQ has successfully placed the construction and building industries in a position to help influence the development of plans and regulations that balance the goals of clean water with the need for a healthy economy.

  • CICWQ has positioned itself to take a proactive and pivotal role in the policymaking activities of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Municipalities, local water agencies, State Water Resources Control Board, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, and California Coastal Commission.

Member-led, member-governed.

Get a seat at the table and make your voice heard.