Your voice inside the Capitol to help strengthen California’s economy

The CalChamber works at the state and federal levels to help ensure laws and policies to strengthen California’s economy for the small businesses who work in the state. They are the voice of business owners including contractors to make sure lawmakers and regulators know and understand the impact of proposals on the state’s economy.

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How CalChamber is working for SCCA members

  • CalChamber policy advocates regularly testify at legistlative hearings and before state agencies and regulatory bodies on all manner of topics that affect how California business owners do business. They’re the behind-the-scenes influence on proposed laws and regulations that work to improve the jobs climate in our area.

  • Policy advocates of CalChamber send letters to legislators and regulators explaining the position of small businesses. The group releases annual lists of job killer bills that would have a negative impact on California’s economy if they became law, and annual lists of job creator bills that will invest resources back into the economy.

  • CalChamber works to support and elect pro-job candidates to the Legislature through political action programs and committees, organizing ballot initiatives, campaigns, and other informed advocacy efforts on behalf of small business owners.

  • The CalChamber Legal Affairs Department is involved in litigation that affects California employers, and regularly files friend-of-the-court briefs to emphasize the impact that judicial decisions have on California’s economy.

Member-led, member governed.

Get a seat at the table and make your voice heard.